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  1. Account
  2. Registering available domains
  3. Registering occupied domains
  4. Backordering Domains
  5. Auctions
  6. Domain management
  7. Push management
  8. Brokerage
  9. Marketplace
  10. Buying Domains - Marketplace
  11. Selling Domains - Marketplace
  12. Payment and billing
  13. DNS
  14. Reservation of expiring domains
  15. Redirect

1. Account

Yes, you can register for free and look for interesting domains in our database.

Whenever an account has been inactive for a period of two years or more, it is deactivated. To reactivate the account, all you have to do is contact us from the email address you used to set up your account, and indicate your username to us.

If you have just created a new account, please remember that to activate the account, you need to click on the link that we have sent you by email. If you cannot find the email, please check your Junk folder. The link is valid for two hours, if this time elapses then please contact us and we will send you a new one.

Regarding the deletion of user data, please read our privacy policy, in particular section 3

If you no longer wish to use Nidoma’s services, you just have to go to the "Profile" > "Close Profile" section in your account and click on the “Delete your Profile” button. Our system will be informed of your request and we will proceed to delete your account within the 30 days proscribed by the GDPR regulations.

Of course, just contact us! Please keep in mind that refunding leftover credit also involves closing your account. Please be aware that it is not possible to get your refund in the form of a coupon.

2. Registering available domains

Yes, you can register domains in different TLDs. You can see the cost per domain in our price list.

3. Registering occupied domains

If the domain you are interested in is already registered, don’t hesitate to contact us. A domain broker will assist you in attempting to acquire it.

There are limits to this.
Just as an example, to register a .de domain, the Registrant or the Admin Contact has to be a resident of Germany. Before acquiring a domainP (.uk,.cn and others), we advise you to consult the following TLD reference chart

4. Backordering Domains

Our backordering service is currently availably exclusively for .ES and .IT.

The domains featured in our 'expiring domains' list are those in status 'pendingDelete / redemptionPeriod' or 'pendingDelete / pendingDelete'. If you think you are aware of an expiring domain that is not in the list, you can try to backorder it anyway and see if it then enters into the list: the simplest thing to do is to perform a search here via the registration page.

You can backorder a domain until 00.00 of the day before the day the domain expires.

A .IT domain can be backordered at any time while it is in the status 'redemption period', which lasts for 30 days.

The credit will be deducted from your account only if you are successful in getting the domain. If your attempt us unsuccessful, you do not have to pay anything.

It costs 29€. If you are not the only customer who backorders the domain, and we manage to catch it, it will go into auction.

The first time that you order a domain through us, we ask for an upload of €29 in advance as a deposit.
Of course, if you are unsuccessful in getting the domain, we will leave that credit in your account, so you can use it for something else, or if you prefer we will refund it.
For any future orders after the first one, you do not have to make this deposit, however you do have to make sure your balance is not below 0€.

This is because the domain has the status “not paid”. Within 2 working days after making payment the domain will be registered at your name.

Please be sure that you have credit balance enough available in your control panel: if not, you must pay first this amount or recharge your balance to place new orders.

Once Nidoma has caught the domain and it is marked as ‘paid’, we will transfer it to you automatically in the next couple of days.
If you were the only person who backordered the domain, it will be assigned to you the same day; on the other hand, if you were the winner of an auction for the domain, we have to do a series of checks before assigning the domain, so you will get it within 3-4 days.

You will not have to wait longer than two working days, usually it is less.

If there is an expiry date next to the domain, it means that your order is active and the domain is in the status 'pendingDelete/RedemptionPeriod'. Our system is trying to catch the domain, and we are waiting for the domain to go into the final deletion period. You can cancel this operation if you wish.

'In acquisition' means the preorder is active, the domain is in the status 'pendingDelete / redemptionPeriod'. Our system is trying to catch the domain and we are waiting to see if we are successful in getting it.

We keep track of the outcome of all attempts to catch domains in the order history. However, we send email notifications only when a customer has successfully got the domain, or if it has gone into auction.

The domain indicated in the email has been backordered by you and  other users. If we are able to snap it we will start an auction with all users who backordered in advance. The auction will last at least 2 working days and always ending at 18:00 CET/CEST.

The exact date of the auction end will be included in the email. In addition, you can always check the menu “active auctions” to see all details.

5. Auctions

To take part in an auction, you just need to have a level of credit that is equal to or above the starting price. During the auction, you can also make bids if you don't have credit in the account at that moment; if you win, you can pay at any time within the following five days.

Example 1:
User 1 sets a maximum bid of $ 100. User 2 has already bidden above 29 euros so Nidoma will automatically raise the bid Nidoma for User 1 to 30 euros. User 2 must increase the required minimum bid, always in 10 Euros difference to his own last bid, which in this case is 39 euro. User 1 will automatically switch to a bid of 40 euros. And so on until it reaches his maximum bid of 100 Euro. If User 2 makes a new bid with a maximum price of 150 euro and no higher bid is done by User 1, User 2 will win the auction for 101 euro.

Example 2:
When backordering the domain User 1 set a price of 35 euro. User 2 leaves the minimum price of 29 euros. The auction begins then with a starting price of 35 euros. User 2, in order to win the auction, should increase his bid in at least 10 euro, meaning a bid of 39 euro. Then our system automatically will bid in his behalf above € 1 from User 1's bid meaning 36 Euro. If you want to place another bid must raise his bid to an amount of 45 euro and if there are no other bids he will be the winner with 40 euro.

Yes, any bid placed within the last 3 minutes of an auction automatically extends it for another three minutes. A counter will continuously show the remaining time of the auction.

To see how an auction works in detail, you can watch our auction simulation.

When there are multiple equal offers for a domain, precedence is given to the person who registered first for the auction, and this person will have first refusal on the domain should no other bids be made.

All auction offers are binding; if you win the auction, you will have to pay for the domain.

You have five days after successfully getting the domain to pay.

No - in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, users cannot be added to an auction after it has started.

After winning a domain at auction, it takes up to 72 hours to have the domain available in your control panel (domain management)

The 72 hours are a period of time in which the domain won remains inactive and in our name to allow the system to check the regularity of the auction, to verify the buyer's details, payments and to handle any technical problems such as complaints from previous owners.

6. Domain management

To transfer a .es domain you must request it to your new registrar. The the registry will send an email to theDomain Admin contact with the options “Accept” or “Reject”. As soon as the admin contact accepts the request the domain will be available on your new registrar.

To transfer a .it domain you must request the AuthCode at you Nidoma Account > Domain Management. Select the domain to transfer and select “Order Authcode” from the scroll-down menu. We will provice you with the AuthCode which you need to send to your new registrar to complete the transfer.

NB .ES domains don't need authcode

Please login in to your Nidoma Account and go to Domain Management. Select the domains you want to change and open the popup window to select  “DNS Configuration”.
Choose the DNS you want to put for this domain and save the changes. You can create different DNS profiles to use them quicklyin future times.

The Italian domain registry, NIC,it, performs an internal test to make sure all new DNS settings are valid. 'pendingUpdate' means that they are currently checking if the new configuration is correct and valid.
If the verification is unsuccessful, will retry for three days, and the status will remain in 'pendingUpdate'. To check that your NS settings are correct, it is advisable to use a DNS validation tool. For more information, consult our DNS Guide, point 9.

You are probably trying to update the DNS of a gTLD domain (for example a .COM). L'ICANN (the registry for gTLDs) has a 'lock' function for some of its domains (you will see a lock symbol next to those domains): if a domain is locked, unauthorised or accidental modifications to the domain are prevented. DNS changes are not permitted if the domain is locked.
In order to unlock the domain, you first have to unlock it via your control panel, then change the DNS settings (locking it again afterwards if you prefer).

We have a special guide to DNS settings, which you can find here.

Nidoma uses the platforms of various registrars to recover expiring domains. In order to guarantee optimal performance, at the moment of renewal, some domains are transferred automatically to our main Registrar, (NAMECASE-REG). This makes no difference at all for our users in terms of cost or domain management.

Nidoma is a platform specializing in domain services only, and does not offer Hosting services.

For .it domains, you can use this free service " DNS configuration validation " from the Italian Registry. For all other domains, you can use this free service:"DNS Check".

Using this free service "Whatsmydns" you can verify the DNS propagation of your domain everywhere.

Privacy Protetction, which is a serviced used to hide personal data in the Whois database, is not currrently offered on the Nidoma platform. In addition, due to restrictions placed on certain TLDs by the relevant national Domain Registry, Privacy Protection is not available anywhere for .it, .es and various other TLDs that are offered on our platform.

In the final days leading up to the renewal date of the domain, Nidoma checks the credit status of the customer and if not enough credit is in the account to cover domain renewals, we send an email to the user with a list of affected domains that we have therefore set to manual renewal.
To avoid your domains getting deleted, please proceed as follows:

  • Add enough credit to cover renewals
  • Check the list of domains set to be cancelled, and then select all the ones you want to renew and choose the action ‘manual renewal’ from the drop-down menu.
PLEASE NOTE: The credit upload has to be done enough time in advance for us to be able to confirm the credit in your account (Paypal is almost instantaneous, while a wire transfer requires a few days).

7. Push management

In the "Domain Management" section of your account, check the box next to the domain name. From the drop-down menu "Bulk Action" choose "Push domain". You will be asked to confirm your identity by entering your account password and the email of the address of the user to whom you wish to push the domain. We will send an email notification to you and the other user about the push request, and the request will remain pending until the receiver of the domain accepts the push.

It is not possible to cancel a Push once it is complete. Nevertheless, the request remains ‘pending’ until the other party has accepted it, and is valid for 5 days. Under "Domain Management" > "Push requests made" you have the possibility to cancel a request that has not yet reached its deadline and/or hasn't been accepted yet.

Under "Domain Management" > "Push Requests Received”, choose the domain and from the "Bulk Action" drop-down menu choose ‘accept’. You will be redirected to the order configuration in which you will be asked to configure the domain with your chosen registration profile, and once you have confirmed the domain will become registered to you. This must be done within 5 days of the push being initiated, otherwise it will expire.

A ‘push’ request is valid for 5 days and the push itself is only definitive once you have accepted it. You can just let the request expire, or alternatively under "Domain Management" > "Push Requests Received" you can reject it.

The system does not allow pushes of domains that are within 6 days of their expiry date. You have to renew the domain before you can push it to another user.

8. Brokerage

If you are sure your domain is premium, meaning that it is a generic term, is highly descriptive and has a lot of commercial potential (examples:,,, place an order to our Brokerage Service: for only 49 Euros we will send you a professional domain appraisal and suggesting a sale price. Once you confirm the sale price we will start brokering a deal for you. Non-premium domains will not be accepted, but you can put it on sale on our Marketplace.

Brokerage service costs 49€. If the negotiation ends in a successful sale, we will retain a commission of 15% of the sale price with a minimum of 50€.

You can add it to our Marketplace.

Request an appraisal of your chosen domain for just 49 Euros. Along with a professional appraisal of the domain, we will send you a proposal of what we think will be the necessary budget to acquire it.

9. Marketplace

Yes, it is necessary to open an account in order to complete the purchase. Opening an account is completely free.

You can order a professional domain appraisal from Nidoma for only €49. For more information, click here

All prices you see on Nidoma are end prices – the amount you see is the amount you pay.

Yes, this is possible

  1. Click on "Marketplace" > "Manage marketplace domains";
  2. Tick the checkbox for the domains you wish to modify
  3. In the menu "Options in bulk" choose the option "Set DNS settings to Nidoma";
  4. Follow the instructions shown in the pop-up on screen

10. Buying Domains - Marketplace

In order to offer guaranteed security for both parties, we utilise an escrow service, for example, which is the service we suggest to both parties once an agreement has been reached.

This varies from domain to domain. If it is a .it for example, we can just put the domain in the account of the buyer and that’s it. For other domains, on closing of the deal, someone from Nidoma will guide you through the process

You can order a professional domain appraisal from Nidoma for only €49. For more information, click here

No, your offer is completely anonymous.

Fixed price means that if you enter a bid for the price requested by the seller, a sale agreement has been reached then and there. Minimum Offer means the minimum at which negotiations can be launched – it does NOT guarantee a deal.

We transfer domains to Nidoma (free of charge) unless specifically instructed not to do so. If you let us know BEFORE the transfer starts that you wish to transfer to a different registrar, this can be accommodated.

After placing your offer, you will be contacted within 48 hours by one of our Brokers. Even if the seller has not responded at all, we will inform you of this.

11. Selling Domains - Marketplace

We will contact both you and the buyer with our recommendation to use an escrow service such as The transfer and subsequent payment will be conducted according to the procedures of the escrow service being used.

After an offer has been placed, you will be contacted within 2 business days by one of our Brokers (assuming the offer meets any entered ‘minimum offer’).

Maybe the price you have set is too high. If you wish, you can order a domain appraisal from Nidoma for only 49 euro.

12. Payment and billing

You can pay by wire transfer, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or Paypal. You can make the payment from your control panel. Click on “Manage credit” and follow the instructions

The amount you have paid will be indicated in your control panel, under Credit Management > Movement History. After a maximum of 2 working days following receipt of the payment, it will be verified and accepted by a member of our team. Payments via Paypal or credit card are accredited automatically and immediately.

If you paid by Wire Transfer, it will be necessary to wait for the funds to arrive before we can credit it to your Account. If you paid by Paypal or credit card, please contact us so we can see why this happened.

We do have some discounts for credit uploads of more than 1000 Euros: contact us for more information.

13. DNS

We have created a specific guide for DNS configuration.
If you don’t find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

We have implemented a new DNS management tool.
All requests are managed not in real-time, in order to not overload the system.
Every request is received into the system, which tries to complete processing within five days.
Every request that is made on the same domain before the previous one has been processed will deactivate the previous one.
Note: The Italian Registry fwill leave the domain in the status ‘pending update’ until the DNS update operation has been completed.
If the DNS settings you have chosen are not considered valid by the Registry, the domain will be held in the ‘pending update’ status while waiting for DNS settings that are considered valid. If the configuration has not been corrected after five days, the DNS update request will expire and the previous DNS settings will be reapplied.
We will automatically notify you by e-mail of every action taken, and will provide you with feedback regarding the selected configurations and/or the responses obtained from the registry..

14. Reservation of expiring domains

Our backordering service is currently limited to .ES e .IT. More to come shortly!

The domains that appear in our lists are either in the status "pendingDelete / redemptionPeriod" or "pendingDelete / pendingDelete". If you think you know about an expiring domain that is not in our list, you can try to process it in our system and see if it is entered into our list: the most simple way to do this is perform a search on the registration page.

To find out what is the deadline for ordering a domain, go to "Backorder > Search for Expiring Domains". The Expiration Date column shows you what would be the last possibile moment that you can order the domain.

.IT domains can be backordered throughout the time that they are in the status "redemptionPeriod", which lasts 30 days.

The starting cost of backordering an expiring domain is 29€. If Nidoma catches the domain but we have more than one customer who backordered the domain, it will go into auction.

We will deduct credit from your account ONLY if we recover the domain for you. If we are unable to successfully catch the domain, it will be listed under the 'backorder history' section of your account and nowhere else.

For the very first time that you backorder a domain through Nidoma, we ask that the €29 be uploaded in advance as a deposit.”br/> Naturally, if we are unable to catch the domain for you, we will not deduct that credit from your account and you will be able to use it for other orders/services.
For any future backorders after that first one, you don’t need to upload the credit in advance, you just have to make sure your credit is not below 0.

Check your available credit in your Nidoma account: if it is below 0, you have to upload some more credit before placing new orders.

This happens because the domain is not showing as paid yet: in the next 2 working days, the domain will be assigned to your name.

The domain will be assigned to your name within 2 working days.

When Nidoma successfully snaps a domain, the domain will be assigned to your name within 2 working days.

If you see an expiry date next to your backorder, it means your backorder is active and the domain has entered the status "pendingDelete / redemptionPeriod". Our system has accepted your request to attempt to recover the domain and we are waiting for the domain to enter the final deletion phase. You can still cancel the operation at this point.

When the domain enters the status "pendingDelete / pendingDelete", the status of the order becomes "in acquistion\” and the domain will drop within the following 1-3 days. In this phase, we will do our best to recover the domain for you.

You can check on the status in the ‘backorder history’ section if it is no longer visible under ‘backorders in progress’. As a rule, we notify by e-mail only when the domain has been successfully snapped for you, or if it has gone into auction.

I have backordered a domain, and received an e-mail to confirm Nidoma has snapped the domain for me. What happens now?

Nidoma has been successful in snapping this domain, but you were not the only Nidoma client who ordered it. The e-mail will contain information about the auction, which lasts at least 48 hours, and will finish at 18:00 on the date given. You will always be able to bid and check the status of the auction in your Nidoma Account, in the "auctions in progress" section. Please note that auctions cannot finish at the weekend, so any auction deadline will be pushed back to the following Monday.

15. Redirect

Yes, you can: choose "Domain Redirect" from the Bulk Action menu in the "Domain Management" area of your dashboard and indicate the URL to which the domain should be redirected. Please note that this option will change the DNS to Nidoma's default settings: and

Yes. Go to "Marketplace > Manage marketplace domains", then select the domain for which you wish to redirect to another URL. Then, in the bulk action drop-down menu choose "Redirect domain". Please note that this option will change the DNS to Nidoma's default settings: and

You can do this for your registered domains or for the ones in the marketplace. Choose "Bulk Redirect" from the Bulk Action menu in the "Domain Management" or "Manage marketplace domains" area of your dashboard. You will then be able to download a file in which you can indicate the destination URLS of each domain that should be redirected. Upload the completed file at the address indicated, and our system will take care of the rest. If the list of domains is over 1000, please send the list to the email address indicated.

Yes, this is possible: "Disable domain redirect" from the Bulk Action menu in the "Domain Management" area of your dashboard.

The redirect will only work if the active DNS settings are those of Nidoma. If you set up a redirect, the DNS settings will automatically switch to those of Nidoma.

The operation to set up a redirect and the operation to set up custom DNS are mutually exclusive. If custom DNS had already been set up on the domain, then our system will block the operation. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the custom DNS before setting up the redicrect, and vice versa.

Nidoma is a brand of Namecase GmbH, a company belonging to Aruba SpA.

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