Nidoma - Manage your domains


Yes, you can register for free and look for interesting domains in our database.

Yes, you can register domains in different TLDs. You can see the cost per domain in our price list.

You can pay by wire transfer, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or Paypal. You can make the payment from your control panel. Click on “Manage credit” and follow the instructions

The amount you paid is indicated on the control panel, in the area of “Credit in process of activation”. Within 48 hours after receiving the payment our team will review and accept it.

Please be sure that you have credit balance enough available in your control panel: if not, you must pay first this amount or recharge your balance to place new orders.

This is because the domain has the status “not paid”. Within 48 hours after making payment the domain will be registered at your name.

You can see our price list for basic fees. Please note that for backordered domains we will start an auction in case 2 or more users have backordered the domain name so the price may be higher.

Once Nidoma snaps a domain and is marked as “paid” we will transfer it to you normally in the next 24-48 hours. In case of .es domains we make the ownership transfer from our own Nic Handle and the registry must accept the changes. This process takes normally 24-48 hours.

We have different plans if you recharge your credit  with more than 1,000 €. Please contact us if you want more information.

You can backorder a domain until 00.00 of the day before the day the domain expires.

Congratulations, You have backordered the domain since no other users ordered this domain. If we are able to snap it we will put the domain under your control and name after reiciving your payment.

The domain indicated in the email has been backordered by you and  other users. If we are able to snap it we will start an auction with all users who backordered in advance. The auction will last at least 48 hours and always ending at 18:00 CET/CEST.

The exact date of the auction end will be included in the email. In addition, you can always check the menu “active auctions” to see all details.

Example 1:
User 1 sets a maximum bid of $ 100. User 2 has already bidden above 29 euros so Nidoma will automatically raise the bid Nidoma for User 1 to 30 euros. User 2 must increase the required minimum bid, always in 10 Euros difference to his own last bid, which in this case is 39 euro. User 1 will automatically switch to a bid of 40 euros. And so on until it reaches his maximum bid of 100 Euro. If User 2 makes a new bid with a maximum price of 150 euro and no higher bid is done by User 1, User 2 will win the auction for 101 euro.

Example 2:
When backordering the domain User 1 set a price of 35 euro. User 2 leaves the minimum price of 29 euros. The auction begins then with a starting price of 35 euros. User 2, in order to win the auction, should increase his bid in at least 10 euro, meaning a bid of 39 euro. Then our system automatically will bid in his behalf above € 1 from User 1's bid meaning 36 Euro. If you want to place another bid must raise his bid to an amount of 45 euro and if there are no other bids he will be the winner with 40 euro.

To take part in an auction through Nidoma, you just need to have a balance equal to or higher than 0€ when you order the domain. During the auction, you can also make bids if you don't have credit in the account at that moment; if you win, you can pay at any time within the following five days.

Yes, any bid placed within the last 3 minutes of an auction automatically extends it for another three minutes. A counter will continuously show the remaining time of the auction.

To transfer a .es domain you must request it to your new registrar. The the registry will send an email to theDomain Admin contact with the options “Accept” or “Reject”. As soon as the admin contact accepts the request the domain will be available on your new registrar.

To transfer a .it domain you must request the AuthCode at you Nidoma Account > Domain Management. Select the domain to transfer and select “Order Authcode” from the scroll-down menu. We will provice you with the AuthCode which you need to send to your new registrar to complete the transfer.

Please login in to your Nidoma Account and go to Domain Management. Select the domains you want to change and open the popup window to select  “DNS Configuration”.
Choose the DNS you want to put for this domain and save the changes. You can create different DNS profiles to use them quicklyin future times.

If the DNS change does not happen immediately due to a technical issue (eg because the registry of domains is not available), our system automatically sends a request for technical assistance and one of our technicians will configure the DNS as you requested within the next 24 hours.

If the DNS have not changed or if you received an error message you do not have to do anything else, the DNS can take several hours to update. If you still have special urgency write us through the contact form and we will analyze your case urgently

Nidoma works with different domain registrars partners to backorder .it domains. During the first year, in some cases, the domains remain registered in our registrar partners. To ensure a better internal management and functionality to our users we moved the domains to our registrar  (NameCase-REG) at the renewal period. For our users, this does mean any additional costs or differences in the use of the domain.

A domain can be renewed during the “redemption period” which lasts 30 days. This renewal has however additional costs and requires ourmanual intervention. For this reason, the cost of this operation, which also includes the annual renewal is 15€.

Nidoma is a brand belonging to Namecase GmbH, a company founded in 2011, based in Bonn, Germany. In 2012, Namecase became a part of the Aruba group and opened a second office in Udine, Italy.