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At Nidoma we provide you the best Domain service and products to the best Price.

Domain registration

Please note that the restore operation for .it costs 15,00 €

DOMAIN TYPE Registration €/year Renewal €/year Trasfer
.cloud 4,00 € 16,00 € 16,00 €
.com 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 €
.es 6,50 € 6,50 € Free
.it 6,50 € 6,50 € 6,50 €
.net 11,90 € 11,90 € 11,90 €
.org 11,50 € 11,50 € 11,50 €
.biz 15,00 € 15,00 € 15,00 €
.info 18,00 € 18,00 € 18,00 € 2,50 € 2,50 € Free 2,50 € 2,50 € Free 2,50 € 2,50 € Free

Domain Backorder

.es29,00 €
.com.es29,00 €
.it29,00 €

Please note that if 2 or more users backorder the same domain an auction only with these users will be started. The auctions takes place for 2 days and the higher bid wins the auction.

Open auctions entry

Entry fee in auction already started non-refundable20,00 €

Please note that the entry fee is charged for each ongoing auction you wish to enter and is not refundable under any circumstances, not even partially.

Domain Brokerage

Broker-Assisted Domain Acquisitions (Buyer side)49,00 €

In case of successful negotiation, the commission is 15% of the net sale price. *

Il servizio include una valutazione del nome a dominio che comprende l’indicazione di un giusto prezzo di acquisto. Nota per favore che la trattativa non può essere avviata se il budget messo a disposizione per l’acquisto si discosta troppo da quello suggerito dai nostri broker.

Broker-Assisted Domain Sales (Seller side)49,00 €

In case of successful negotiation, the commission is 15% of the net sale price.*

The service includes an appraisal of the domain name with a fair market price. Please note that the negotiation cannot be started if the seller’s asking price does not correspond to Nidoma's suggested price.

* A minimum fee of € 50 applies


Individual domain appraisal49,00 €
Portfolio Appraisal (from 10 Domains on) 12,00 €
Individual website appraisalda 499,00 €
Brand Analysisda 499,00 €

Our appraisal are hand-made by our expert brokers with more tan 8 year of experience in the domain industry.
Our appraisal contains precise data of the domain name such as Keyword search results, other extensions availability, other similar domain sales and much more which will help you to understand the value of the domain name in the actual online market.


Commission applied to sellerfrom 25,00 € *

In case of successful negotiation, the commission is 15% of the sale price.

Nidoma is a brand of Namecase GmbH, a company belonging to Aruba SpA.

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