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we have a wide network of contacts and partners, allowing us to give your domains the best visibility on the market


thanks to our collaboration with the Escrow Service, the process of selling is risk-free


you will always have access to information about prices, conditions of sale and commissionso, every step is clearly explained and easy to execute


tell us your price of sale…we will do the rest!

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Do you have a domain that you want to sell quickly and at the best possible price, with competitive commission rates from only 25 Euros?
With Nidoma, you can choose three different methods:

Buy now

Decide on an exact sale price;
your domain will remain in our marketplace
with no time limit and no extra cost to you.

Make an offer

Permit prospective buyers to make an offer
for your domain and decide, with the help of our Brokers,
what would be an appropriate counteroffer. Not sure what your domain is worth?
Contact us for advice.

Minimum price

Indicate the minimum amount
for which you want to receive offers

Sell premium domains
with a Broker

If you own a high-quality domain that you would like to sell with the assistance of a broker, you an order our seller-side brokerage. However, first of we need to verify whether the domain meets our criteria for active selling:

  • a generic, highly descriptive term
  • high commercial potential
  • valuable TLD
  • (examples:,,
  • typo-domains and domains corresponding to registered trademarks will not be accepted
If you place an order for seller-side brokerage and the domain does not meet our criteria, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund you the €39 fee.

If you are sure your domain is premium,
place an order to use our Brokerage Service for only 39 Euros.

We will send you a professional domain appraisal, ,
evaluating whether the domain is indeed a premium domain, and suggesting a sale price.

Confirm the sale price and we will start brokering a deal for you.

If the negotiation ends in a successful sale,
we will retain a commission of 15% of the sale price.

Acquire our brokerage service for only € 39

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