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How does backordering work through Nidoma?

With Nidoma you have the possibility to pre-register domains, giving you the chance to get the domain you desire the moment it becomes free.

Here is what you need to do, step by step:

create an account with Nidoma
An initial payment of only 29€ serves as an authentication for any new users, which helps to make our auctions more secure. This payment can then be used for any service available through our platform.

access our database
Check on the list of expiring domains daily; we are constantly updating it.

order your domain
We will do the rest!
We monitor the domain and at the moment it becomes available, we will attempt to register it.

You will only have to pay something if we manage to get the domain for you. If more than one user has ordered the domain, an auction for it between those users will automatically start. Any last-minute bids for the domain will automatically prolong the auction by three minutes, guaranteeing all participants the possibility of making a counterbid.

Order your domain now!

Nidoma is a brand of Namecase GmbH, a company belonging to Aruba SpA.

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