Nidoma - Manage your domains
The Nidoma platform puts the needs of its users first,
offering innovative solutions for domain registration and the domain aftermarket.

We are experts in the fields of domain registration, backordering and brokerage
Thanks to the wide-ranging experience of our team and our intuitive platform,
in a very short time we have become a go-to solution for both experienced domainers and endusers from all walks of life looking for the right domain for their business.

Nidoma is a brand belonging to Namecase GmbH, a company founded in 2011, based in Bonn, Germany. In 2012, Namecase became a part of the Aruba group and opened a second office in Udine, Italy.

More than 10000 domains per year successfully backordered in multiple
of the biggest
domain deals in the Italian market
(such as €120.000; €77.000; €55.000)
Successfully brokered
deals for domain
(such as various .es
domain portfolios
for almost 1 million US Dollars).
Acquisition of domains
for prominent
companies and brands
such as Subaru, Ducati and
De Agostini.
Premium domains like, and exclusively for sale through Nidoma.
We are the current market leaders in Italy and Spain, with exciting plans to expand into other markets and offer our services to people across the globe, whether they are experienced domainers or endusers looking for a specific solution.

Nidoma is a brand of Namecase GmbH, a company belonging to Aruba SpA.