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Premium Domains

What is a premium domain?

Premium domains have a high commercial value compared to other domains because they are based on keywords which are frequently used for online searches, therefore they are highly sought after and, in virtually all cases, already registered.

Why does a premium domain cost more?

As premium domains are so easy to remember, bringing organic traffic to the site, they allow their owners the luxury of not having to spend huge amounts on publicising their website.

Purchasing support

Although these domains are not owned by Nidoma, but are being sold by our customers, we will assist you in the purchase process and the transfer of the agreed-upon amount.

Choose your premium domain from those present on the Nidoma platform; you can use our extensive experience in the sector to help you every step of the way.

Premium domains can be found on Nidoma in three different ways:

Buy Now

buy your chosen domain at a fixed, guaranteed price which has been given by the seller has his/her price for selling the domain, without any extra costs.

Make Offer

the domain owner would like to receive an offer from you as a starting point for negotiations. Not sure how much to offer? Contact us and we will advise you.

Minimum Price

the domain owner request that you make an offer of at least the amount indicated in order to initiate negotiation. Please note that the price he or she actually wants for the domain will certainly be higher.

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