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Backorder .IT and .ES Domains for only 29€!

At Nidoma we offer you advanced backordering technology! The best chance of getting the domain name you need when it becomes available.

What Nidoma offers:

  • New daily lists generated by our database
  • Backorder of your domains is totally confidential
  • Advanced tools for Premium Accounts (majestic, Google traffic, PageRank and more)
  • Daily Emails with interesting expiring domains
  • Possibility to indicate a higher auction starting price in order to prioritise the domains most important to you.

How does Nidoma Backorder work?

To access our database for the first time and to be able to backorder expiring domains, as a first step you need to make a credit upload of at least 29 €. This payment serves as an extra layer of authentication and helps to make our platform more secure. You can use this credit of any of the services offered on the Nidoma platform.

As a registered user, you can download our list of expiring domains from the last three days, or search for expiring domains by using extensive filters to refine your search.

Place your orders, and we will try to snap the domains for you. All your orders will remain anonymous, so that only you benefit from your own analysis!

Your orders will always remain confidential. In this way you can rest assured that nobody else can profit from the analysis you have done on the expiring domains lists.

If you were the only user who placed a backorder for this domain and we successfully snap it, we will transfer the domain directly to your Nidoma account.

If the domain has also been backordered by one or more other users, we will start a private auction for the domain. This auction will last two days and is only available for users who previously backordered the domain.

The highest bidder at the end of the auction will receive the domain in his/her account.

The auction is automatically extended by three minutes if bids arrive at the last moment, thus guaranteeing all users the chance to bid again.

Nidoma is a brand of Namecase GmbH, a company belonging to Aruba SpA.

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