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At Nidoma you can register domains at unbeatable prices.

Do you want to register .es and .it domains?
With our modern and intuitive platform you can register and manage your domains in a simple and efficient way.
You can also easily transfer your domains to Nidoma.

If the domain you want is not free we will show you an alternative list of domains that are available, already taken or expiring.

At Nidoma we also offer you a wide variety of tools designed for customers with a large portfolio of domains :

  • Use of historical data to make suggestions about domain registration
  • Immediate activation
  • Automatic renewal
  • DNS Redirection
  • DNS favourites
  • Tagging domains for more efficient portfolio management
  • Ability to manage domains simultaneously with bulk options
  • Ability to upload and refill pre-paid balance in order to manage registrations and renewals more easily
  • Transfer domains in bulk

Do you have more than 200 domains and want to transfer them to Nidoma? Contact us and we will inform you about our special offers.

Start looking for your domain!

.itfor only 6,50€/year
.esfor only 6,50€/year

Nidoma is a brand of Namecase GmbH, a company belonging to Aruba SpA.

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